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As a security service provider, Knightsman is keen to lead the debate to build public  awareness on issues and concerns of personal & property security.  In this the first in a series of special articles, we focus on child abuse, effective facts & advice.


Child Sexual Abuse

is the misuse of power by someone who manipulates, tricks, forces or coerces a child into sexual contact.  It includes incest, sexual molestation, sexual assault and the exploitation of the child for pornography or prostitution. In well over 90% of reported cases of sexual abuse, the offenders are men.

Children who have been sexually abused maybe too afraid or ashamed to tell anyone. It is up to you, the parent / guardian, to be aware of some of the physical and behavioral signs which could indicate that your child has been sexually abused.

These signs include:

  • Changes in behavior and a loss of appetite

  • Frequent nightmares or fear of the dark

  • Torn or stained underclothing

  • Fear of being alone or left with someone

  • Aggressive behavior and or difficulty in school

  • Vaginal or rectal bleeding, vaginal discharge, itching, pain or swollen genitals


Seven steps to protecting our children

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