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Corporate Profile

Knightsman Security Ltd commenced operations in early 2001. The company was established by Anton Young a veteran of the Jamaica Constabulary Force with over twenty years experience of providing protection and security.  Realizing the need for a security company, which addressed the needs of the individual and corporate Jamaica, Knightsman Security Limited, was formed.

The Investigation Unit within Knightsman Ltd plays an important role in terms of recruitment of personnel employed. All security guards are fingerprinted and checked by the Criminal Records Office (CRO).  Our in house investigations carry out comprehensive antecedent investigations into the background of each applicant to ensure that our guard force is free of criminals.

Our Supervisors managed and supported by our Operations Manager, are mostly past members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force or The Jamaica Defense Force and therefore they are able to instruct and maintained a disciplined and regulated guard force. 

Our Supervisors visit locations at regular and irregular intervals to ensure that Security Officers are ready and prepared for work and are carrying out our clients’ instructions.

Security Personnel Profile
All security personnel regardless of their previous training or experience are required to attend the Knightsman Ltd pre-employment training programme. The programme exclusively focuses on preparing the security guard to serve the client.  The training is designed to familiarize and prepare security guards with the standards and protocol for corporate, industrial, retail and individual security.

Executive Protection
Our executive protection specialists are highly trained professionals who have protected foreign dignitaries, corporate executives, high profile celebrities and the average citizen with paramount safety……

Providing security consulting, threat assessments and implementing crisis intervention is how we operate nationally.



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