Child Abuse


7 Steps to Protecting Our Children

1) Learn the facts:

  • Parents usually don't discuss sexual abuse with their children.

  • Child abuse can start at any age.

  • If your child makes allegation of abuse as a parent you must ask a lot of questions, as children can make false accusations

  • Children are usually abused by someone they know and trust.                    

2) Minimize opportunity:

  • Teach your child not to talk to or accept gifts from strangers.

  • Talk to your child about dangers.

  • Find out if your child's' school has a policy regarding sexual abuse.

3) Talk about it:

  • As parents we need to be able to talk about sex and drugs with pour children and not feel ashamed or shy.

  • Most

  • parents believe that their children are not sexual active or involved in drugs, however in today's society children are much more exposed and experienced than we were at that age.

4) Stay alert:

  • Teaching children to be cautious with strangers is not the sole preventative measure for sexual abuse.  Studies show that 85% of child victims are abused by someone they known or recognize.  Sadly, in 40% of these cases, the abuser is a member of the child's family.

  • An abuser within the family usually tries to control the victim with threats of punishment if the victim tells anyone, or by convincing the child that this activity is to be "their little secret"

5) Make a plan

  • As s parent you should always know where your child is, what they are doing and with whom.

  • Instruct your children in the "buddy system" where they are never alone in potentially dangerous places.

6) Act on suspicion

  • Victims of sexual abuse are usually plagued by tremendous guilt and shame, which prevents them from confiding in a family member calling a police

  • Actual incidents of abuse should be reported to the Police immediately.

7) Get involved:

  • Create an atmosphere in which your child feels to talk about any problems.

  • Explain and discuss sexual abuse with your child often and encourage questions.

  • Assure your child that you are always on their side encouraging them to tell you about a stranger of family member that tries to touch them inappropriately



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